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2011 Alaska State Championships Update


Ah Nyoung Ha Seh Yo! (Hello!)

This past weekend we held the 2011 Alaska State Championship.  It was the most smoothly run State tournament in some time.   Special recognition is deserved for a great event:

To the athletes –

An amazing display of sportsmanship was displayed at this year’s State Championships.  As always, the State Championship is a highly emotional experience.  All athletes wanted to win and some unfortunately came short.   For those that achieved the title of STATE CHAMPION – congratulations!  To those that did not – continue to work hard and eventually you may be a State Champion. 

To the referees -

The referees performed to the best of their ability and deserve a special thank you.  Being a referee is a selfless act and they are rarely appreciated for their hard work.

To the coaches –

Thank you for supporting your team.  Each athlete is so very thankful to you for helping them to achieve their goals.

To the parents, family, and spectators –

Last, but definitely not least, a HUGE thank you for the awesome signs and cheering and help keeping the athletes focused and motivated.

Check the calendar for upcoming tournaments and sparring events and set your sights on San Jose!


Grandmaster Keller 



First Name  Last Name Division Place
Spencer Bloom Breaking 1st
Spencer Bloom Poomse 2nd
Spencer Bloom Sparring 2nd
Spencer Bloom Weapons 1st
Roland Burley Breaking 1st
Roland Burley Sparring 3rd
Zyanya Burley Breaking 1st
Zyanya Burley Sparring 2nd
Adrianna Connor Sparring 1st
Marcus Freeman Sparring 1st
Emily Gelino-Bequette Breaking 1st
Emily Gelino-Bequette Poomse 3rd
Emily Gelino-Bequette Weapons 1st
Jefferson Gessel Weapons 3rd
Kylie Gordon Breaking 1st
Kylie Gordon Sparring 1st
Ainsley Hindman Breaking 3rd
Ainsley Hindman Poomse 2nd
Ainsley Hindman Sparring 1st
Ainsley Hindman Weapons 2nd
Gabriella Hindman Breaking 1st
Gabriella Hindman Poomse 3rd
Gabriella Hindman Sparring 1st
Gabriella Hindman Weapons 1st
Oscar Hindman Breaking 3rd
Oscar Hindman Sparring 1st
Oscar Hindman Weapons 1st
Annie Lee Keller Breaking 1st
Annie Lee Keller Poomse 1st
Annie Lee Keller Sparring 1st
Annie Lee Keller Weapons 1st
Simeon Keller Breaking 1st
Simeon Keller Poomse 1st
Simeon Keller Sparring 1st
Simeon Keller Weapons 1st
Master Krison Sparring 1st
Charles Latimer Breaking 1st
Charles Latimer Poomse 2nd
Charles Latimer Sparring 1st
James Latimer Breaking 1st
James Latimer Poomse 1st
James Latimer Sparring 1st
Jackie Layton Poomse 2nd
Jackie Layton Sparring 1st
Christopher Lindgren Sparring 1st
Andrew Loeb Breaking 1st
Andrew Loeb Sparring 1st
Emerson Moser Breaking 1st
Emerson Moser Sparring 3rd
Payton Moser Breaking 1st
Payton Moser Sparring 1st
Payton Moser Weapons 2nd
Weston Moser Breaking 2nd
Weston Moser Sparring 2nd
Eric Ortolano Breaking 2nd
Eric Ortolano Sparring 2nd
Eric Ortolano Weapons 2nd
Barrett Pelant Poomse 2nd
Barrett Pelant Sparring 1st
Kylie Pelant Poomse 2nd
Kevin Realon Sparring 1st
Aiden Rogers Sparring 3rd
Aiden Rogers Weapons 1st
Joseph Walling Sparring 2nd
Joseph Walling Weapons 3rd
Dylan West Breaking 1st
Dylan West Poomse 1st
Dylan West Sparring 1st
William West Breaking 1st
William West Poomse 2nd
William West Sparring 1st
Alex Williams Sparring 1st
Bea Williams Breaking 1st
Bea Williams Poomse 1st
Bea Williams Sparring 1st
Bea Williams Weapons 1st
Beverley Williams Breaking 1st
Beverley Williams Poomse 2nd
Beverley Williams Sparring 1st
Earle Williams Breaking 1st
Earle Williams Poomse 1st
Earle Williams Sparring 2nd
Earle Williams Weapons 1st