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2010 Junior Olympic and Senior National Team:

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Schedule for the competition:

Monday, June 28th:
* Team arrives
* Coaches/parents are picking up team members and checking in at the competition site
* Coaches have coaching seminars to attend

Tuesday, June 29th:
* First day of Juniors Competition
* Oscar and Payton competiting in Sparring
* Both did very well, but lost their first match.  Good try guys!

Wednesday, June 30th:
* Second day of Juniors Competition
* All Juniors who are competiting in Breaking, Weapon Forms, or Forms go today
* Gabby received Gold in Weapons, Silver in Breaking, no medal in Forms
* Bea received 5th in Weapons, no medal in Breaking or Forms
* Ainsley did good but no medal in Weapons, Breaking, or Forms
* Oscar also did real good, but no medals in Weapons, Breaking, or Forms
* Payton earned fourth in breaking, but no medals in Weapons or Forms
* Kylie received Gold in Breaking
* Christopher received Gold in Traditional Forms, no medal in Sport Poomse
* Marcus did very well, but no medal in Forms
* Alexx didn't earn a medal, but tried her best, even after waiting for so long to compete.

Thursday, July 1st:
* Third day of Juniors Competition
* Ainsley worked very hard against a low-kicking opponent.  No medal, but awesome try!
* Gabby earned a Bronze medal in sparring!  She comes home with three medals!
* Bea fought very well against a much taller opponent, but lost that fight.  No medal this year.  Work towards next year!

Friday, July 2nd:
* Fourth day of Juniors Competition
* Christopher - World Class - Tried hard, but no medal this year.  Great job though!
* Kylie - World Class - Close match, but no medal this year.  Outstanding effort!
* Marcus - Won Gold in Sparring!!  Amazing!
* Alexx - Silver Medal in Sparring!!  Awesome!

Saturday, July 3rd:
* Jackie - 4th place in forms, 3rd place in sparring.  Great!
* Bonnie - 2nd place in forms, 2nd place in sparring.  Awesome work today!
* Jr. Mst Brunke - 3rd place in sparring.  What a great job!
* Earle - 5th place in breaking, no medal for forms, 5th place in sparring.  Outstanding work today!

Sunday, July 4th:
* Mst Krison won his first match, but lost his second.  Awesome try but no medal this year.

Medal Count:
Gold - 4
Silver - 4
Bronze - 3
Fourth - 2
Fifth - 3