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The 2009 Junior Olympic and Senior National Team:

Sunday, July 5th Results:
Master Krison - Won first match 14-5, Won second match, Lost third 8-7 on the buzzer! almost got Bronze!  What a heartbreak!
Jr. Master Morrison - Won Gold Medal!!  Whoo-hoo!  Awesome!
Signe Johnson - Bronze Medal in Sparring!  Great job!
Kylie Gordon - Bronze Medal in Sparring!  Way to go!
Hannah Brehmer - Quarterfinals in Sparring!  Great try!

Saturday, July 4th Results:
Meg Rutz - 1st Sparring (Won her match 14-6!!), 2nd Poomse
Master Krison - 1st Poomse
Jr. Master Morrison - 1st Poomse
Hannah Brehmer - 4thish Poomse
Signe Johnson - 4thish Poomse

Friday, July 3rd Results:
Christopher Lindgren - Great job, but no medal this year.
Kylie Gordon - Won first match by referee stop, won second match by tko, lost third match, but what a run!  Great job - Quarterfinals!
Signe Johnson - Won first match 30-10, Tried so hard, but lost second... Awesome job - Quarterfinals!

Thursday, July 2nd Results:
Sara Rutz - 1st Sparring
Sara Rutz - Great job, but no medal for Poomse!
Signe Johnson - Top 16 Poomse
Christopher Lindgren - 2nd Poomse
Kylie Gordon - 1st Breaking
Kylie Gordon - 2nd Poomse
Alex Williams - 4th Poomse
Alex Williams - Great energy, but no medal this year!
Adrianna Connor - 3rd Sparring
Adrianna Connor - Top 8 Poomse
Jacob Bretey - Top 8 Poomse
Jacob Bretey - What a match! but no medal this time...
Bree Williams - 4th Poomse
Bree Williams - Awesome tenacity, but no medal this year!


Grandmaster Keller - Head Coach
Master Krison - Coach
Jr. Master Brunke - Coach

Team Captains

Jr. Master Morrison - Senior Team
Chris Lindgren - Junior Team
Signe Johnson - Junior Team


Hannah Brehmer
Alex Williams
Bree Williams
Adrianna Connor
Jacob Bretey
Kylie Gordon
Sara Rutz
Meg Rutz