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2008 US Senior Nationals and Junior Olympics
Ford Field, Detroit, Michigan
July 1-6, 2008

Medal Count: 
2 Gold
9 Silver
10 Bronze

Arrival - Monday, June 30, 2008
** The bulk of the team has arrived safely in Detroit.  Everyone that has arrived with Grandmaster Keller has picked up their credentials and weighed in successfully if competing tomorrow.  Some of the coaches have also attended the seminar scheduled for this evening.  Check back tomorrow for sparring and poomse results!

Day One - Tuesday, July 1, 2008 - Senior Elite Open Sparring
**Hannah Brehmer - Bronze Medal, Won 1st (2-1), Lost 2nd (9-2)
**Emily Gelino-Bequette - Bronze Medal, Won 1st (9-8), Lost 2nd (9-2)
**Brandon DeZarn - Bronze Medal, Very right leg dominated match (9-2)
All of tomorrow's athletes have been weighed-in sucessfully!

Day Two - Wednesday, July 2, 2008 - Senior World Class Sparring and Forms
**Master Krison - Silver Medal in Forms, Quarterfinals in Sparring - Won 1st 6-(-1), Lost 2nd 12-9
**Jr. Master Brehmer - Silver Medal in Forms (And this actually requires some explanation.  She would have won 1st, but she had to sprint to her ring for sparring and couldn't finish her forms competition; remember it's double elimination in poomse now so each competitor could go multiple times.  But good job on the Silver anyway.  If you squint really hard, it might look golden...), Quarterfinals in Sparring, Won 1st 9-3, Lost 2nd 3-1.
**Nick Morrison - Bronze Medal in Forms, Quarterfinals in Sparring - Won 1st 6-2, Lost 2nd 7-0
**Emily Gelino-Bequette - No Medal in Poomse, but won against her first competitor, lost to second.
**Brandon DeZarn - No Medal in Poomse, but great job trying!

Day Three - Thursday, July 3, 2008 - 14-17 Year Old Sparring and Poomse, Competition Poomse
**Hannah Brehmer - Silver Medal in Forms, Silver Medal in Sparring
**Ryan Gildersleeve - No Medal in Forms, Won 1st 6-7, Won 2nd 6-2, Lost 3rd - Bronze Medal in Sparring.  Happy Birthday Ryan!
**Jackie Layton - No Medal in Forms, Bronze Medal in Sparring
**Caite Brunke - Gold Medal in Forms, Silver Medal in Sparring, Won 1st 12-5, Lost 2nd
**Christopher Lindgren - No Medal in Forms (He did beat Ryan 3 judges to 2 in one of their rounds.  Nothing like friendly competition), No Medal in Competition Forms (This requires explanation.  Chris is our only Competition Poomse Team Trials participant.  Even though he didn't place, it was a great accomplishment.  If he had won, he would have headed overseas for the World Competition Poomse Championships!  Awesome job Chris!), Silver Medal in Sparring
**Bree Williams - Bronze Medal in Forms, Silver Medal in Sparring
**Cameron Ryckman - Silver Medal in Forms, Bronze Medal in Sparring
**Kylie Gordon - Bronze Medal in Forms, Gold Medal in Sparring

Day Four - Friday, July 4, 2008 - 12-13 Year Old Sparring
**Alex Williams - Silver Medal, Won 1st 7-0, Lost 2nd
**David Powers - Bronze Medal

Day Five - Saturday, July 5, 2008 - 12-13 Year Old Poomse
**Alex Williams
**David Powers

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Team Members

Grandmaster Keller - Head Coach
Master Krison
Master Keller
Jr. Master Brehmer
Nick Morrison
Ryan Gildersleeve 
Hannah Brehmer
Christopher Lindgren
Jackie Layton
Caite Brunke
Michael Brunke
Alex Williams
Bree Williams
Emily Gelino-Bequette
Brandon DeZarn
Cameron Ryckman
David Powers
Kylie Gordon