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COMPETITION DAY #1 - July 6, 2006 - Thursday
    Everyone has weighed in successfully today.  Miss Kara Bailey dropped a weight division.  Miss Heidi Brehmer squeaked by with only a 0.2 lb margin and both Mr. Nick Morrison and Mr. Ryan Gildersleeve landed squarely in the middle of their divisions.  Go Team!!

COMPETITION DAY #2 - July 7, 2006 - Friday
     Miss Kara Bailey - Fought hard and even tried to fight while becoming "projectile-ly" sick.  Unfortunately no medal for fighting or for her awesome Tae Beck.
     Mr. Ryan Gildersleeve - Won his first fight easily and landed some great round kicks in the second, but didn't pull off the win.  However, he won second place for the Tae Beck he performed.
     Mr. Nick Morrison - Rip, roaring, and raring to go in the World Class Sparring Division.  He destroyed his first opponent and was gearing up for the second when disaster struck.  During the first exchange, not even 15 seconds into the match, he clashed opponent knee to his big toe and down he went.  We hope it isn't broke...  In between matches, Mr. Nick proved he can fight and do forms by winning third place with Tae Beck.
     Miss Heidi Brehmer - When does she not fail to amaze?  Miss Heidi, not qualified for the World Class Division this year, proved her talent by winning the entire Elite Open Division (easily) and moving on to the the World Class Division.  She whupped her first opponent, but lost the second World Class match.  But, did I mention that she made two opponents cry and one SLAPPED Heidi because Heidi frustrated her so much.  Heidi ended that match with a two point head shot that achieved the seven (actually 8) point gap.  She is our first competitor to win by point gap, our first to win by point ceiling, our first to win Elite Open to qualify for World Class, our first female to win a match in World Class, our first person to go into overtime and win, our first person to win after overtime by judges' decision, and our first competitor to score a two point head-shot in World Class.  All that with barely breaking a sweat.  Oh, and don't forget an amazing third place finish in forms after all that fighting.  Of course, she did have to perform her form twice to break a tie in order to achieve her medal.

COMPETITION DAY #3 - July 8, 2006 - Saturday
    Miss Caite Brunke - Can you say Tenacity! What heart.  What energy.  No medal for sparring this year, but she's already stoked for next year.  However, she didn't lose any power as she easily outscored the majority of her group by performing a powerful Keum-Gang and winning third place.  Whoa!

COMPETITION DAY #4 - July 9, 2006 - Sunday
     Mrs. Amanda Garner - David vs Goliath.  Young Miss Amanda stepped out to a competitor that looked at least a head taller than her.  She gave it her all, but couldn't quite best her Amazonian opponent.  Despite it all, she was able to bring home the bronze for Alaska in sparring.

2006 Junior Olympic Team Members:

Miss Heidi Brehmer (14-17)
Mr. Nick Morrison (14-17)
Mr. Ryan Gildersleeve (14-17)
Miss Kara Bailey (14-17)
Miss Caite Brunke (12-13)
Miss Amanda Garner (10-11)

2006 Junior Olympic Coaching Staff:

Senior Master David Keller
Master Craig Morrison
Master Kathrine Keller
Mr. Michael Brunke

2006 Junior Olympic Support Staff:

Mrs. Susan Garner
Ms. Amanda's Grandma
Miss Annie-Lee Keller
Mr. Simeon Keller (who just turned 1 on Wednesday!) - where's the cake?